Pretend Lipstick (three to choose from)

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Pick your very favourite lipstick!

Delight your little one and inspire their imagination with the ultimate no-mess pretend makeup! Thanks to our range of innovative make-believe makeup, your little one can play for hours on end without making a mess!
NB. This is toy makeup with no real makeup in it.

Little Makeup Lovers makeup is:

NOT real makeup (shh!)
Pretend makeup so it doesn’t stain, make a mess or apply/transfer onto the skin
Made from safe, durable and high-quality materials
Packaged in realistic grownup makeup casing
Perfect for parents who don’t want real makeup on their little one’s face
Play-tested by kids
Loved by our (little) customers!
Intended for imaginary and creative play
Recommended for ages 3yrs +

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