Paper Magiclay Neon Colours

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Paper Magiclay Neon Colours is an air drying modelling clay that is lightweight, soft and elastic. This coloured soft paper clay will bond wet to dry, no adhesives or tools are required. Colours can be mixed together to further extend the colour palette. Magiclay can be pulled, stretched, rolled and embossed.

Paper Magiclay Neon Colours air dries in hours. Once dry the clay creates a paper-like texture and is extremely light. Wrap unused portions with plastic wrap or put in an airtight container to avoid clay from drying out.

Suitable for all age levels and can be incorporated into any artwork. This neon toned assortment comes in individual canisters to ensure clay can be keep air tight, and to allow for easy distribution around the classroom.

There are six vibrant Neon Colours in every pack, two 20 gram tubs of each colour.

240 gram pack.

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