I Am. Mandala Puzzle

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This mandala puzzle is an amazing tool to help bring the discussion of feelings to the forefront with your child. A great way to express ourselves creatively and explore feelings, both good and "bad" feelings so that children understand that all feelings are valid and should be felt.
Used as a daily tool, this puzzle will help set an open and trusting relationship with your child to be able to talk about their feelings.
This puzzle charts a child’s emotions. No puzzle will end up the same as it is a reflection of the child’s emotions and their choice of patterns. Centred by the sun with the strong words “I AM” and surrounded by hearts, leaves and shapes.

Australian designed and made , this timber has been sourced from Australian FSC Certified plantations and mills and has been optimally aged to provide you with a quality finished product.

Comes with a seeded card, to plant and give back to the Earth.
Comes boxed.
Size: 31 pieces
Largest piece is the sun: 9 cm

Ages 3+

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