Bugs and Beetles Specimen Sets

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There are 3 main differences between beetles and bugs:
1 - True bugs suck up the sap from the plants or blood from animals through a flexible tubular mouthpiece called a probosics. Beetles chew their food!
2 - Beetles wings covers meet in a straight line down the middle of their back when closed, bugs wings and covers meet in a sort of diamond or cross hatch pattern!
3- Their life cycles. Beetles have a larvae or pupae stage. Bugs are born from tiny eggs as miniature adults!

Handling real life specimens from nature awakens wonder, interest and curiosity in children, creating an engages mind from which science education can spring!
These specimens allow children to examine in detail a selection of mini beasts.

Set of 4 beetles or bugs (six sets to choose from)
Set 1 - shining leaf beetle, golden chafer beetle, blue leaf beetle, jeweled frog beetle.
Set 2 - spotted tiger beetle, blister beetle, red long horned beetle, spotted step beetle.
Set 3 - golden tortoise leaf beetle, leaf beetle, spotted leaf beetle, dung beetle.
Set 4 - black stag beetle, long armed scarab beetle, unicorn beetle, golden edge diving beetle.
Set 5 - green chafer beetle, scarab beetle, green rose chafer beetle, green rose chafer beetle metallic.
Set 6- spotted red bug, spotted shield bug, lychee stink bug nymph, lychee stink bug..

Ages 6+, contains small parts which can pose a choking hazard.

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