Bauspiel Rod Plank Set

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Bauspiel is a range of wooden toys from Germany, with all the things you'd expect: great design, fantastic quality and gorgeous colours.
The secret of this range is that the different sets work well together to create an amazingly varied way of stacking, placing and building.

Bauspiel Coloured Rods set. This lightweight rod/plank set is perfect for all play. Colour sorting/matching, building (towers galore with this set!) counting... so many options.
The surface of the wood feels smooth but raw to touch making them great for "clinging" to each other so building is easier. Comes with a beautiful wooden box, with a sliding lid.
This set includes 100 pieces, in 10 different colours, 10 of each colour. Each piece measures 25cm x 2.5cm x 4mm. Box 27 x 25 x 6 cm

All Bauspiel wooden products are made from native timber, mainly Beech, Alder and Linden. They have been dyed with strong and vibrant colours used comply with EU standard 71 and are non-toxic.
Ages 3+

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