care & maintenance

At PLAY. kids Co. we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. We also want your items to last and be loved for a long time!

Please note that the following should be observed with the following products:

Handmade by PLAY. kids Co., Bug Keeper and Bug Viewer. These items are NOT intended to be used with water of any type. Although they have been oiled using an organic and natural oil that is toy and food safe, water and this particular timber are best kept apart. We also DO NOT advise that either item be left outside in the weather for an extended time. Always store under cover or indoors at the end of each use. 

Where a wooden item/s has been advised it is suitable for water play, please ensure the item/s is thoroughly dried, in full sun, before storing it away. Please make sure when the item in stored away that it is not in an airtight container, so to allow airflow to it. Wooden items manufactured for water play still require care even if they can be used with water/mud/wet substances. If a wooden item has NOT been advertised as "water play safe" always assume that it should NOT be used with water. More often then not, timber/wood and water do not mix well. 

Playdough and Clay dough. To extend the life of either of these items, please clean hands before use. Once play is finished, please store these items in an airtight container. 

Paints. Our paint palettes come with lids. Please ensure to replace the lids once creative play is finished.

We always advise that care instructions that come with any individual item/s be followed so as to ensure you get the most our of products purchased through PLAY. kids Co. as we can not be held liable for improper use.