The Bug Keeper, by PLAY. kids Co.

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Entomology, noun, the branch of zoology concerned with the study of insects.

So, as any good Zoologist needs their tools, so too do our little Entomologists.

The Bug Keeper is the sweetest little bug home to keep, observe and study those tiny little creatures in our gardens or parks. Better than a bug catcher, our keeper is the ideal little bug pad for a short term visit from our mini beasts! Keep a caterpillar and watch it grow. Keep an grasshopper, study its life cycle and set it back to nature. This is a fun and special learning and teaching aid.

Connecting our children to nature and to nurture.

The Bug Keeper is hand crafted and each item is completely individual. No two are alike! Each keeper is sealed with Pure Eco Oil Danish oil which is mould resistant and completely child safe, and recommended for children's toys.! To keep your keeper looking lovely please do not leave outside.

Original design by PLAY. kids Co. and hand made by us in our Rural Sydney workshop
Made using FSC certified Australian timber, wire mesh with a beautiful bamboo detail finish. Handles are either vegan leather OR rope and will be selected at random. Sorry we cannot guarantee which you will receive.
Approx. L22cm x W15cm x H20cm
This keeper is designed as a learning resource ONLY and is NOT a toy.
Please keep out of weather
Ages 3+ with strict adult supervision

This is a PLAY. kids Co. EXCLUSIVE product.

Being a handmade product, this item will vary in size slightly as well as aesthetics. It has been made this way to show its and our character. While every care is taken to ensure that each piece is alike, variations will occur and does not affect the performance of the product at all. Please note this is not meant to house any insects or creatures long term and we do advise that you replace any creatures to nature after observation. We do not advocate for the keeping of creatures that may result in their passing. That makes us all sad!
Please use you sense of judgement when using this product and do not allow mistreatment of the keeper which could result in its damage.

Please do not copy this design, all rights reserved by PLAY. kids Co.

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